Our subscription plan is the most economical access to one of the largest libraries of west coast swing instruction available anywhere. Our accelerated, "leveled" courses are curriculum based and completely guided for the greatest efficiency in learning.


We provide a "Subscription Only" course that contains all of the patterns from every course in 1 easy to use reference library.

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Fleur De Dance offers a complete online curriculum for West Coast Swing.

  • Our courses offer the ability to learn even with no dance experience.
  • Each course is filled with concepts, warmups, dance patterns and more to help as you learn to dance.
  • Buy 1 course at a time or join our subscription plan for unlimited access to all courses and save tons of money.
  • The cheapest complete learning system available anywhere.
  • Everything you need to learn from the safety of your home.

Over 70 hours of west coast swing instruction!

3 dance levels:

  • Bronze (Beginner)
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum coming soon!

Each with 4 (curriculum based) guided courses.

More than:

  • 100 patterns broken into 5 sections each • 500 Videos
  • 30 pattern groupings with instruction and music / Over 60 Videos
  • 30 "concept" videos
  • 20 warmups/drills with instruction and music / Over 40 videos
  • 18 music and movement theory videos / Over 10 Hours

Coming soon:

  • 4 Platinum level West Coast Swing courses
  • 4 Romantic Sway/Slow Dance courses
  • Elements of Conversation
  • Functional Partnering
  • Additional courses and videos each month.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can anyone learn to dance?

YES! It's very easy to get started using our system. All of our courses are leveled and cumulative which means we've set up the quickest and easiest path for you to succeed. Start with our FREE introductory course and progress through each level at your own pace.

How long does it take to learn to dance? 

You'll be up and dancing the first day!  Your journey through can be a few months all the way to years and even a lifetime if you are passionate about it. There is always something new to learn.

How long does it usually take to go through a course?  

You can go through a course in a few hours. However, it will take many repetitions to truly find success. Like any physical skill, mastery takes time. Be patient and forgiving to yourself. Practice and learn at your own pace.

Here is a good model for success:
  • Comfortable in a few days
  • Competent in a few weeks 
  • Confident in a few months
  • Masterful in a few years  

I tried learning to dance from Youtube but i couldn't get it. What makes your courses any better?

This is the most common problem with learning to dance from random individual videos from places like Youtube. Those videos have their value for sure. However, they don't help you in providing appropriate information for your level of understanding and experience. That is why our courses are cumulative. We make sure to provide you with what you need to grow to the next step.

What happens if I can't understand or I keep having trouble while taking your courses?

If you progress too early through the courses you might struggle with the concepts and patterns. We suggest you go back to earlier courses and take your time becoming more efficient before progressing to harder courses. If you are still having trouble, reach out to us. We do virtual private lessons all the time. We can help you through the challenging parts.



Tammy Clark Duke

With over 27 years of experience, Tammy Clark Duke, has been a partner dance coach, choreographer, and teacher to both amateurs and professionals alike. She holds certifications in Ballroom, Latin, and West Coast Swing. Performing, competing and judging at various events nationwide, she has won Rising Star competitions in Ballroom and Latin as well as consistently placing in finals in other partner style dances. She is currently an All-Star competitor in West Coast Swing and continues to compete professionally in Ballroom and Latin.


Byron Bellew

Byron Bellew is a multi winning “All Star” level west coast swing competitive dancer, instructor, and judge. In addition, Byron has been a professional music performer and instructor in both popular and classical styles for over 30 years.

Byron holds the following certifications and diplomas:

• Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education

• GPDIA Teaching Certification in West Coast Swing

• GPDIA Judging Certification in West Coast Swing

• GSTDA Teaching Certification in West Coast Swing